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Meet Our Founders

Alisha Zhu

The Ethel Walker School'23

Shenzhen, China

Alisha Zhu is currently a senior at The Ethel Walker School in Connecticut. As an international Latin dancer, a cellist, a painter, and a student interested in Educational psychology, Alisha loves charity work and has the ultimate goal of becoming a successful educator after graduating from college. She co-founded ARTREE because of an inspiration she got by joining the community partnership program called Children's Dance, where she enjoyed dancing with disabled children and seeing them grow.

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Alice Gu

The Ethel Walker School'22

Shenzhen, China

Alice Gu is an Honor Student at The Ethel Walker School. As trained artist, musician, and dancer, Alice received her level 12 art certification in Beijing and shadowed contemporary artists: Paton Miller,Bruce Liberman, and Christina Schlesinger instudio. Alice also worked with artists Ned Smyth and Jennifer Cross on oil paintings of portraits for Syrian refugee children in 2019.

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