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Our Therapists 


Yiwei Wu

  • Expressive art therapist registered in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • Master of expressive art therapy from HKU.


As an expressive art therapist, Wu came back to mainland with strict training in HKU, who mainly hold team workshops for teenagers, kids or family members, having achieved abundant experience over 370 hours in art therapy service. She is expert in immersive experience, like utilizing body dancing and combining music drama, to assist the visitors to de-stress, look back to heart inward, conduct venting, and simultaneously accomplish conversion in inner emotions, gaining promotion in personal status.


Yan Zhang

  • Associate professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  • PhD supervision majoring in educational psychology.


Zhang’s main research direction is personality and mental health. Since 2007, she started to be engaged in painting therapy, utilizing painting professional skills to conduct psychological counseling, which has been developed in high schools, senior schools and primary schools for pupils for a long time. Programs about the traceback of painting therapy have been launched in primary schools. Over the years, she held systematic training of painting therapy for psychological researchers, teachers and parents for numerous times, collecting thousands of painting samples, and made extensive statistical analysis, obtaining valuable conclusions.


Yunqi Wang

  • Lecturer of art therapy from young generation

  • National second level psychologist counselor


Being engaged in psychological counseling and teaching for 10 years, Wang devoted over 7000 hours to counseling and solved more than 300 one-on-one cases, leading arts and painting therapy teams for over 80 times and over 200 hours. Moreover, numerous outstanding-student-training summer camps and parent-kid camps for 3-18 years old kids were held by her for over 70 times. Independently, she has designed more than 60 curriculums of Sandplay game training, aiming to adjust behavior of kids in kindergarten. What’s more, she offered systematic courses of nature exploring camps to the need. Thesis including 「a research concerning the elements affecting students‘ attention in primary school in Zhuhai 」were written by her.


Rong Xi

  • National level II registered psychologist counselor, marriage and family counselor

  • Chinese registered music therapist

  • Leader of group interactive activity for releasing stress

  • Member of music therapy committee in Shenzhen psychological counseling committee 

  • Lecturer of large-scale national tour about pregnant women’s psychology


Xi graduated from Huanghe University of science and technology majoring in music performance, systematically starting to learn music therapy technology since 2015. During learning, besides training courses at school, she also participated in Wuxi mental health centre for a half-year internship, studying about mental rehabilitation. After internship, she worked as a rehabilitation therapist for special children in Wuxi Huicheng children rehabilitation centre, utilizing means of music therapy to do rehabilitation training for special children. Simultaneously, she herself cooperated with other companies, participating in numerous activities, including music destressing programs of companies in group, outdoor music group programs, a large-scale lecture tour about mothers’ psychology of milk powder companies,drum circle of parent-kid relationship and so on.


Zhejia Zheng

  • Director of Orff music pedagogy Committee of China Music Association

  • A member of Orff Association, Kentucky, USA

  • VMC Drum circle Level 3 tutor


Zheng proves to be a practitioner in integrated art education. She devotes her life to exploring the variety and development of music, having experience of particular/integrated music education and folk music education for 10 years. Until now, she has held music education workshops and teacher training for more than 200 times.  Possessing rich experience in organizing and planning shows, she used to be the live director and the program producer of dozens of large fusion music concerts; she also wrote guidance for teachers in music classrooms of One Paradise for the One Paradise Fund. Especially, her integrated music education workshops were shown on Chinese Original Music Education Conference; a children‘s jazz musical Pierre and the wolf , which she participated in, was shown in both China and France. Zheng set up Yin art studio whose core is art education and jazz music, cooperating with several organizations, containing Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou Children's palace, Starbucks, One Paradise Foundation, Time Foundation…


Chenglin Peng

  • jazz guitarist and jazz bass player


Graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Peng learned jazz guitar from Bastian Hildner, a distinguished German classical guitarist, and Cai Jian, a notable guitarist in South China, American Nashguitars demonstrating guitarist.

He followed Benoit Stasiaczyk, the professor of Modern Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, former director of jazz Department of Metz National Conservatory of music, professor of jazz piano and percussion and Lin Chang, a jazz piano player and composer to learn jazz theory and instrumental ensemble. Being fond of designing music according to different people’s characteristic, he rendered people integrated into music to a certain capacity degree.

Qianxian Chen

As a senior teacher of Guangzhou Children's palace, Chen is adept in inspiring and figuring out students’ characteristic, emphasizing the creativity and individualization of each work. She aims to popularize ‘beauty’ to kids and family, rendering art life-oriented. Hence, she undoubtfully is a practitioner of life art.



Weijun Xia

  • Music therapist

  • Mental counselor

  • Soprano soloist

  • Master of music therapy, Shanghai Conservatory of music


Xingyu Lu

  • Music therapist of Jinse Jiayin mental health service

  • Mental counselor and piano teacher

  • Master of music therapy, Shanghai Conservatory of music

  • Be good at the scene arrangement of various large-scale activities


Li Song

  • Registered Music Therapist (RMT)

  • Nurse Music Therapist (NMT)

  • VMC (China) Drum circle tutor (Level 3)

  • DCFC (China) Deputy Secretary of Drum Circle Instructors Committee 

  • Dance Music Therapist (DMT) primary stage

  • National psychological consultation (Level 3)

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