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Volunteers are teaching assistants that help our in-person art therapy classes, they signed up for assisting these classes on our social media account. Most of the volunteers only attend off-line classes, but some are also ARTREE members that work in the departments. Volunteers can get a certificate with their work hour shown. Before class, our art therapist will inform the volunteers some precautions with the children. 

Emily, one of our volunteers says:

”Meeting with special children is an unforgettable experience. In the first part of listening to and imitating the sounds of nature, the children gradually let go of their guard against strangers and discovered the joy of sound. The second part is to draw a friend in your heart with crayons.


Seeing the children smiling and confidently standing on the podium to introduce their good friends to everyone, I realized that all the efforts made by the teachers and our volunteers are worthwhile. I hope this activity can make special children feel the society's care for them and the expectations placed on them.


At the same time, our activities also proved to people that special children have the same brilliant smiles as normal children, and the innocent eyes reveal the splendor of life.“

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